LDNIO Car Charger - DL-C17

Brand: LDNIO

Cable Type: Micro USB, Lightning (iPhone), Type C (select in the dropdown)

Output: 1A


Product Description:

  • 1 USB ports
  • 1000mA is suitable for most cars in the market, including vans and trucks.
  • Input voltage ranges from 12V to 24V.
  • It fits most digital devices such as phones, tablets, GPS and more.
  • safety with great design, surface seamless injection moulding technology, stable, safe and durable.
  • safety protection, fast charging input over/under voltage protection.
  • automatically identify input voltage information, self-cut off at abnormal input voltage.
  • Input over-current protection: automatic output current integration, self-cut off at abnormal input current.
  • Easy operation: Plug-in to use. Insert the car charger into the cigarette lighter to use.
  • Non-slip operation strip, premium stainless steel, not easy to rust.

LDNIO Car Charger - DL-C17

Cable Type





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