LDNIO Metal Car Charger - 2 USB PORTS - C503Q

Brand: LDNIO

Cable Type: Micro USB, Lightning (iPhone), Type C (select in the dropdown)

Colour: Black



  • White indicator shines when charging
  • 2 USB charging ports can simultaneously charge for 2 digital devices, built-in smart charge recognition chip
  • During the charging process, the motherboard can play the output over current, over-voltage protection, constant voltage constant current, anti-electromagnetic interference, full guarantee the users' equipment won't be damaged.
  • USB uses automatic device IC design, you can control the current parameters of different equipment charging, better compatible and auto set the Samsung and Apple products to charge current
  • Fast charge USB and quick charge 3.0 agreement with the mobile phone and other devices to quickly charge to about 1% per minute charge to the power of about 80% into the trickle charge state

LDNIO Metal Car Charger - 2 USB PORTS - C503Q






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