LDNIO Travel Companion Charger - Euro Plug - A303Q

Brand: LDNIO

Colour: White

Cable Type: Micro USB, Lightning (iPhone), Type C (select in the dropdown)



  • QC3.0 1USB PORT
  • 100cm fast charging data cable
  • Intelligent chip
  • Fireproof PC material
  • Charging speed is 50% faster
  • Qc3.0 intelligent chip, energy conversion rate up to 90% and charging speed is 50% faster
  • Use imported main control chip to detect the charging device, intelligently distribute the required current for the device, safe, fast and stable. Charging without damage to the battery
  • aluminium sheet + copper sheet cooling solution builds a stronger cooling system, long service life, good thermal conductivity and high heat dissipation efficiency
  • Use pure copper and nickel-plated plug which owns a high conductivity, wear resistance enables it to be no deformed after the plug tests and the charging contact is still perfect like new
  • Shell is integrated and made of v0 grade fire-resistant pc material, high-temperature resistance and falling resistance make it more durable
  • Meets many national safety standards and sets multiple protection systems to avoid safety issues like over-voltage, over current and over temperature
  • The wide voltage from 100v to 240v can adapt to the voltage of all countries in the world, charging while travelling in other countries can be solved easily


Input: AC 100-240v 50-60hz 600ma

Output: 3.6v-6v=3a/6v-9v=2a/9v-12v=1.5A

Power: 18W

LDNIO Travel Companion Charger - Euro Plug - A303Q

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